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What is Naija Connect?
Naija Connect is a peer-to-peer lending platform.
Peer-to-Peer lending means whenever you are giving a loan, you are giving it directly to a member on the platform, and whenever you are requesting for a loan, another member on the platform will give you the loan directly.

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Zero Risk
Automated Peering Platform
Decentralized Platform
Fast Customers Service Help Desk

Ticket Manage

The use of ticket is now introduced to enhance our members service help desk. The ticket can be used to make a complain, suggestion or request.

Live Messaging

We have a live message platform on WhatsApp, Telegram and other Social Media Handles. Also we have introduced the use of Twak.to has a means if communication to resolve members issues

Email Workflow

We integrated email notification per transactions to notify members on certain issues or payment that are to be made or been made.

File Upload

Members can now have a look at the receipt of payment made to them. We introduced this due to the complain made by members for unverified payment


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Nigeria's Leading Poverty Eradication Platform

No Compulsory Referrals

Only One Signup fee

Direct withdrawal


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